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The Rainbow Team

"A part of something bigger"

The Rainbow Team is a NGO initiative in partnership with Propel Africa and Legends Soccer School. The project provides academic tutoring, personal mentoring and the team engages in underprivileged initiatives in and around Cape Town.

The team travels to Sweden every year to compete in the Gorthia World Youth Cup

The team represents unity. The players come from different backgrounds, different cultures and different circumstances in South Africa. It’s almost like different worlds. Being a part of the Rainbow Team, we get to know one another and we can see how other people live and what their life situation is like. This is important as it helps us to understand each other better and to understand each other’s different view on things.

Two years ago I had never been outside South Africa. Now when I’ve travelled, I’ve become more curious to see how other people live and to interact with them. I’ve learnt a lot about how things work in other societies and I’ve also learnt to adapt to different places and situations. When you know how to adapt, you become more open as a person.

Gothia has give me exposure and new experiences and I’ve made many friends from all over the world that I still keep in touch with.

– Sihle Songanga, Captain of the Rainbow Team

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