Legends Soccer School

Our Legends

Here at Legends we prioritize making a success out of our players. We want everyone to make the most out of their training and move on to achieve any and all of their goals and do whatever we can to help them get there. We have been able to find great success as a school but what about our players?  Here are but a few of the examples of excellence we have produced over the years.

I have learnt that soccer is a team sport and that you can’t do everything yourself in football. I have met new friends playing at Legends. I have also learned new tricks I never knew I could do and become a stronger and better soccer player because of Coach Anees and all the coaches at LSS.


Ralphi Morris

(age 10)

My experience at Legends is one that not many offer. Legends opened up so many doors for me. Legends gave me the opportunity to travel the world and helped me gain more experience in my footballing career. Legends didn’t only help me grow as a player but they also helped me grow as a person. Legends played a huge role in the person I’ve become because they taught me that soccer isn’t just kicking a ball into a goal but also the different fundamentals that come with it. One of the things I’ve learnt was that you should never look down on someone and judge them but you should help and uplift them so that they could become better. Everything I learnt at Legends I can teach someone else and I could inspire them.


Luke Collins

Legends training has been tough and fun but I’ve learnt some new soccer skills. I like playing different teams. I also like meeting new friends there. Thanks for training me Coach Anees and showing me shooting, passing, defending and goalie training.


Joseph Morris

(age 7)

Legends is an extremely good opportunity to improve your football. I have learnt so much from our past coaches and especially Anees. Legends has been extremely impactful in my life because it has not only made me improve in-game but made the team and I excel in everything we do. At Legends, teamwork is the name of the game.



Joining Legends Soccer School has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. The coaches are amazing and always put your best interest at heart. They also share the same passions and love for the game. The environment at every single training is so welcoming and makes you feel apart of a very well-oiled machine. Every training session is unique and filled with fun, but challenging drills. Without Legends Soccer School I would not have become the player I am today. I am so grateful for the coaches, the training sessions and just the LSS team in general for giving me incredible and once in a lifetime opportunities.



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